10 Pieces Plunge Chopper with 4 Containers Garlic vegetable Slicer Peeler

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10 Pieces Plunge Chopper with 4 Containers:

Easy on to operate; just slap palm on knob
Storage container with lid
Fast, fun way to chop veggies and nuts
Blades lock in position for safe storage

Here's your new best friend for dicing onions, carrots, and cabbage in a snap. Make the perfect salad with all your favorite veggies without spending time cutting them into small pieces. 

This food chopper is powered by "you," no electricity needed — stainless-steel blades and your power chop fast. No arm strength required. Press your palm on the soft-touch knob and dicing is done. 

Do small items like walnuts in the attached cup or make quick work of large heads of lettuce by chopping right on a cutting board. The entire product is dishwasher safe.

Rotating steel blades for chopping & dicing 

Warning: Blades are sharp.Use Caution when operating.

Includes 4 prep bowls with lids, 1 chopper & lid: Total 10 pieces.