3 Digit Combination Lock Travel Luggage Suitcase Lock Padlock

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New Resettable Combination Lock Travel Luggage 3 Digit Padlock

This item is recognized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
Travel smart combination lock
Fashion, lightweight and convenient design.

Allows airport screeners to unlock inspect and relock bags, without damaging the lock
Lock without fear of having locks cut open
Combination can be reset as often as you choose
3-digit dialing allows for different combinations
Size:4 x 3 x 1cm(Approx)
Color: Black

How to Set:
The original number is 0-0-0. Setting your own combination:

1. Press down the reset button (1) and hold it unit step 2 has been performed (as in the picture above)
2. Turn the dials (2) to your desired combination
3. Now release reset button(1), and press the button(3) again as a check, Now the setting is completed 

How to use:
Dial your numbers to the convex line, pull the shackle to open
Insert the shackle and scramble the numbers to lock, repeat the above to reset