5 Patches Anti-smoke Patch Therapy Stop Smoking Patches Aid

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5 Patches Anti-smoke Patch Therapy Stop Smoking Patches Aid

This anti-smoke patch consists of the natural tobacco extract and licorice etc. It can alleviate smokers' physical and psychological dependence to cigarettes and gradually makes them get rid of smoking, easily and efficiently.

Instead of nicotine, to reduce the desire of smoke and then reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke.
Use this patch to fulfill your desire of smoke in the places you can not smoke (in plane or train etc), convenient.
The main ingredients are the natural tobacco extract and licorice, health and natural.
Non-woven fabric material patch, comfortable.
Many small holes design, breathable.

1. Clean and dry your skin.
2. Apply the patch on the inside of your wrist.
3. Change a new one after 4 hours.
4. 28 days for one period of treatment.

1. For external use only
2. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes rash, wound or damaged skin.
3. If excessive redness or irritation, please stop use and ask a doctor.
4. Pregnant or breast-feeding women are forbidden to use.
5. Keep out of the reach of children.

Material: Non-woven Fabric