Air Personal Space Cooler Replacement Filter Humidifier Arctic Air

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Type: Air Filter

Material:ABS plastic

Color: White + black

Capacity: up to 8hours cooling



-Easy to disassemble,easy to install.

-Effectively block impurities, dust, etc. in the air to improve the purity of the air.

-For Personal Space Cooler Arctic Air Cool Replacement Filter.

-Staying in air-conditioned room for a long time, you will feeling the air become dry and uncomfortable; A mini electric fan can’t cool you down in hot weather.

-While Evaporative Air Cooler combines cooling, humidifying and purifying air functions in one, providing you with cool and refreshing air. Besides, with evaporative technology, it only uses everyday cold water and no freon needed. This air conditioner fan not only cool you down and meet your need of health! Particularly suitable for pregnant women and children.


Package included:

1 X Replacement Filter