Alarm Locator Tracker Lost Keys Finder Whistle Sound Control

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Elegant design with strong king ring
Find your key or any other items easily
Remote control by sound
Beeps to find the lost things, wear it with the thing that you want to find.

Whistle or shout with 7 meters to make it beep and flash

Size : 5.7cm * 3cm * 1.5cm , Small size, easy to carry
Weight: 12.3g
Package weight: 23g
Battery AAA (included)
Bright LED torch, It will show a red light when the signal is sending out.
Color: Black, White, Blue, Red

How to use it:
1. Attach this electronic keys finder to your keys.
2. When you lose your key in your drawer, cupboard, under the bed etc. You can just clap, whistle or shout, then it sounds and the led flashes to help you to find your keys.
3. After a few minutes, when there is no any noise, it will stop sounds and flashes itself.
Note: Any noise over 85-90DB causes the promotion gift to beep and the light to flash.