Amazingly Portable Metallic Red Aroma Diffuser

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Amazingly Portable Metallic Red Aroma Diffuser

A red, metallic in color essential oil diffuser for your personal space. This portable aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Promote a healthy fragrant environment while you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Just apply a few drops of essential oil and instantly begin to feel the effects. The unit includes a micro fiber absorbing pad which may be replaced after extended use or when changing out the fragrance. A silent fan projects the beneficial scent using your choice of pure essential oil. The soft blue LED light indicates power as it runs on the USB cord for use with computer or universal wall adapter. For a completely wireless operation, use 2 AA batteries (not included). Perfect for the car, desktop, on a plane, in hotels, or beside your bed.


Suggested Room Size: 100 sq ft
Light Mode: Bright white light on power button
Push button for continuous operation
Compact and portable
Power: 2 AA batteries or with the USB cord included for endless diffusion; USB plug is 3V
Silent fan broadcasts the fragrance
3 replaceable micro-absorbing pads included