Arms Exerciser Total Arm Workout For Toned Arms

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Helps you get rid of those flabby problem areas under your arms by utilising the resistance of rubber in the form of special, elastic sports bands in increasing degrees of resistance. The clever design allows you to isolate the specific areas you need to tone without putting unnecessary strain on other areas of your body like elbows, back and wrists, in the way that push-ups and even some arm curls can.

Smooth and comfortable
The design of Arm Exerciser is geared toward taking the strain out of developing and toning your arms and targeting the specific areas you want to focus on. The scissor-design and pivoted gliding motion strengthens and tones with no joint strain as all the pressure is spread through the whole arm, protecting the elbows and wrists.

Compact design
Arm Exerciser folds up into a compact and portable size for easy storage or travel, You can take your Arm Exerciser with you to the office, or on holiday, for a convenient workout that will have your arms toned in just a few minutes every day.