Assorted 26-Piece Steel Driving Bit Set

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These industrial-grade twist-drill bits are cut from super-hard, resilient black oxide for ultimate durability and strength. A magnetic screw lock sleeve is included so you won’t drop any fasteners, while the magnetic drive guide helps prevent wobble and slipping when driving screws and other fasteners.

Includes: (8) 1 in. bits, (10) 2 in. bits and 35 Pack (25.4mm) asorted bit tips.

  • Magnetic screw lock system holder and sleeve feature a floating ring magnet for fastener retention to minimize drops and reduce wobbling
  • Precision-machined bit tips allow snug fit inside screwhead recesses for controlled fastening
  • Drill bits feature 135-degree split point for enhanced hole-drilling performance, including quick starts and clean, burr-free holes (for use in wood, metal, plastics and fiberglass)
  • Screwdriving bits feature a hexagonal shank for strong grasp in drill chuck
  • Screwdriving bits are compatible with most impact drivers and drill/drivers
  • Protective cases included to keep all components organized