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LED Motion Sensor Security Lights Waterproof Solar Night Lights

Lithium-ion battery charged by solar energy for up to 12 hours of lightMotion sensor detects your approach from 12 ft awayEasy installation, no screws or cablesSticks to most external surfacesCharged through the daySolar-charged security lights are the ultimate in peace-of-mind lighting. With no batteries to change, no switches to worry about and no costs to consider. Its the light that you dont need to take care of, just let it take care of you!Night lights are a real benefit to anybody who has dark areas outside their property. Coming home at night, getting the key in the lock, opening a garage or garden shed, all these things take on a different urgency in the dark because you feel vulnerable. Having a light there is great, but you dont want something that requires you to switch it on and, more importantly, remember to switch it off again. Installing permanent lighting is expensive and intrusive with drilling and electrical connections causing a lot of grief and putting a dent in your savings.This solar LED is the perfect solution! Its the ultimate in peace-of-mind security lights because, once youve fitted it by just peeling the back off and sticking it wherever you need light, you never have to touch it again!This product charges the lithium-ion battery through the day, even in low light weather conditions, through the solar panel sited directly above the LED lights. Then, as dusk draws in, a light sensor uses that charge to give you a low-level standby light that lets you know its on and working. As you approach, from as far away as 12 feet, the motion sensor detects your presence and floods your path with a bright LED light that will remove any shadows and light your way, giving you all the light you need for as long as you need it. Then, once you leave, Ever Brite reverts back to standby mode saving you from having to remember to turn it off.