Baby Safety Sign Car Sticker Can Be Attached To Your Car Window

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Baby on Board sign that can be attached to your car window or any other window with the included powerful suction cup with protector tab. This solid sign is made of plastic and will remind other drivers to be cautious on the road. 

REFLECTIVE: This sign has been processed with a textured finish that maximizes the amount of light that reflects off the sign, when another cars headlights shine on it, the sign will reflect back so bright, it will blind the driver behind you. Okay fine, it won't blind the driver behind you, nor should anyone want it to. It will however, be very bright and perfect for night driving situations! 

1. Attaches to car window via the powerful suction cup that is included with protector tab
2. Made of plastic with bold lettering
3. The sign is reflective and perfect for night time driving
4. Size is 6" x 6"