Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier Installation Kit

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Useful kit comes complete with all cables and accessories for easy installation of amplifier and subwoofer, thus increasing the power of sound in your car. High power and good performance kit up to 1500 watts. Audio System Low Noise and Distortion.

The following kit is also provided by a agu, which serves to protect the audio system from overload current or power surge damage.

The Complete Audio Cable Kit includes: 

Amplifier instalation Kit. 1 + 2 RCA Cable 5 m Blue. 1 Blue SUPPORT cable by 5 metres (which must be connected to the amplifier REM and side REM Radio).

1 x 5,3 mtr red 12 V positive power cable 8 ga. 1 Brown 12 V negative power cable 8 ga 0.7 meters (Earth). 1 by Clear 60 A. 1 AGU fuse.

2 Crimp to eyelets. 2 Crimp a fork. 4 heat shrink: 2 Colour: Red (+) and black (-) 2.