Continental 3 Cup Aluminium Percolator Espresso Latte Coffee Maker

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This polished aluminium traditional continental steam-infusion espresso maker will make the perfect espresso any time. A popular and traditional design ensures that you will achieve that irresistible percolated coffee taste every time.The coffee maker is made up of three sections, the water reservoir (the base), the ground coffee hopper and the brewed coffee reservoir (the top). Simply fill up the base with water and the coffee hopper with ground coffee and put on the heat. The coffee will appear in the top part of the coffee maker with the unmistakable fresh aroma of coffee.A stylish, high quality design coupled with robust materials mean the coffee maker is made with both ease of use and longevity in mind.

-Easy to clean, easy to use
-Coupled with frothy milk you can easily make cappuccino!
-With chocolate you can easily make mocha!
-Aluminium frame and steel base
-NOT for use on induction hobs

Material : Aluminum
Capacity : 3 Cups