Durable Infrared Intelligent Anti Snore Wristband Snore Stopper Snoring Aid

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Electronic Anti Snore Wristband Helps Decrease Snoring For A More Restful Nights Sleep Helps Reduce Snoring Frequency And Volume Without Disturbing Normal Sleep Pattern Specially Designed Bio-Sensor In Wristband Automatically Detects Snoring Device Relies On Non-Invasive Nerve Stimulation To Curb The Users Habit Electronic Pulses Are Comfortable And Offer No Harmful Side-Effects Device Operates On One (1) Aaa Battery(Not Included)
REDUCE AND STOP YOUR SNORING NATURALLY: The Anti-Snore watch is the same size as a typical wristwatch that helps reduce snoring using a natural bio-feedback technique.
AUTOMATICALLY DETECTS WHEN YOU SNORE: Anti Snore watch is designed to detect snoring.
EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE: A natural and effective way to reduce and eliminate snoring. Simple to use and operate. Use at home or while travelling
SLEEP PEACEFULLY: Look forward to having a full night of great sleep and ideal night breathing.
GOOD QUALITY AND LASTING MATERIAL: This Product last for a long duration of time. We see that we provide you with the best win-win price without compromising on the quality.