Easy Manual Bottle Twist Jar Opener Can Lid Remover Cap Lifter

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The jar opener is made of solid plastic that withstands any pressure or force that needs to be exerted and minimize it.
The four sizes fit any lid from a jar to a cap on a soda bottle. 
The ergonomic handle and rubber surface work to minimize your effort.

- Jar Opener with Effortless Opening: Even your children or people with arthritis will open their favorite jams and drinks as easily as with an automatic opener.
- Long Handle with Rubber Surface: The Non-slip design works even better than a rag or silicone opener. The extra leverage helps you open even the toughest lids.
- All Shapes and Sizes fits: From beer bottles to pickle jars, the jar opener is your "must have" kitchen aid.
- Simple Operation: No instructions necessary, the silicone jar opener is just intuitive to use.
- Easy Storage: Sleek enough to store in your cutlery drawer or tucked neatly with your kitchen tools.

Weight: 0.3 pounds

Dimensions: L 9 x W 4 x H 1 inches

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