Electric Shoes Boots Dryer Dry Heater Warmer Deodorizer Dehumidify Sterilizer

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This electric shoe dryer is an advisable device for daily and travel use. It is quick to dry your wet shoes in rain or cold weather. Helps to remove odor and makes your shoes not easy to be infected with bacteria. When you wear the shoes after drying, your foot will feel so warm and comfortable.
High quality plastic shell is not easy to aging, sturdy and durable. Premium electronic components ensure quick drying.
Quick to remove the moisture, dry and warm your shoes, suitable for leather shoes, sports shoes, cotton shoes, boots, gloves and more.
Heat dissipation holes at the shell for quick heat emission and quicker drying speed.
Helps to eliminate the breed of various bacteria, keeping your foot comfortable and healthy.
The temperature will maintain at the optimum temperature to dry fabric and won't burn it.
Shell Material: ABS
Rated Power: 10W
Voltage: 220V
Plug: US Plug
Package List:
1 * Set of Shoe Dryer