Exercises and Fitness Gym Equipment Short Resistance Tubes

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The Short Resistance Tubes are compact and easy to use for strength training. They are excellent for exercising while you are traveling since they pack easily and take up very little space. The package of resistance tubes includes two tube lengths that offer a medium level of training. They have padded foam handles to give you an easy grip and help ensure they stay in your hands while exercising. They also ensure your hands will be more comfortable while using the resistance bands. These flexible tools will create enough resistance to deliver a great workout that will tone your arms, legs and chest. The included workout guide provides instructions for effective exercises to help you reach your fitness goals faster. It also makes the short resistance tubes a good option for people who need some help figuring out what exactly they are looking for in a workout.
Resistance TubesAccessories Included: Workout guide
Fitness Goal: Tighten & Tone
Features: Medium resistance level
Yellow Ring: Medium Resistance 42"
Blue Ring: Medium Resistance 32"