Fake Surveillance Security Camera with Flashing Red LED Light

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Suitable for residential or commercial use.

Flash Led can be seen at night

Helps deter intruders or shoplifters with realistic appearance

Easy to install , no viring required.

This Fake Security Camera with Flashing Red LED Light is designed to imitate the small, high tech security cameras on the market today. The flashing red LED light draws extra attention to the camera, particularly at night. The base measures 5 7/8 inches across and the dome is 3 1/2 inches high. Requires 3, AA batteries, not included.

Deter robbery, theft, and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera. When placed in your home or business, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premises are guarded by a high-tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target. In fact, this is an actual dome surveillance camera that has been modified into a fake security camera.