Flexible Shapeable Cut-to-Size Building Block Tape For Kids

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Flexible Shapeable Cut-to-Size Building Block Tape For Kids

Turn Any Surface Into A Base for Building Blocks! Flexible Bendable Shapeable Cut-to-Size to Fit Anywhere! Multi-colored Flexible Building Blocks, 12 ft the building block roll that sticks, bends and flexes onto any surface to create unique landscapes! Its easy! Just peel and apply to any surface, then connect your blocks! Thanks to the universal peg system, Multi-colored Flexible Building Block Base connects with LEGO Blocks, MEGA BLOCKS, KRE-O, and more! Build around furniture, curve up walls, connect to windows, and even swirl around a ball! Now you can build like never before even upside down! The secret is the Flex-Peg Technology that grabs tight onto any surface, while bending and flexing to take on its shape. No more boring, flat landscapes! Think outside the box! Build up, under & all around! Multi-colored Flexible Building Block Base is even waterproof, so you can create a city around your sink or tub! It peels off easily when you're done & doesn't leave behind residue! Building Block Base is reusable so you can create different designs over & over again! You can cut to any size and re-position to make a custom landscape, let your imagination run wild!

Fun building block toy changes the way you use legos and mega blocks forever
Flexible building block strips curve and bend to match any surface
Four awesome building block colors for any project
Stick the building blocks to any surface to create crazy 3D builds
Cut the building block strips to size so they're never too big or small!


Warning Text: Important: Test first on painted surfaces. Paint types and painting techniques can vary greatly. This product may mark or damage painted surfaces, specifically painted drywall. Always test in an inconspicuous area first before allowing children to apply to painted surfaces.