Floor Cleaning Quietly Detachable Spin Broom Hand Push Floor Sweeper

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The Spin Broom kicks your old broom and dustpan to the curb! Pick up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair and more with this amazing tool! Utilizing triple brush technology, the Spin Broom cleans up messes by rotating its bristles to capture dry and even wet messes without the need of batteries, a cord or bag. Perfect for cleaning baseboards, grout lines, wood, tile and laminate, the Spin Broom quickly empties its built-in, large capacity dust bin with a touch of a button. Lightweight and easy to use, the Spin Broom takes all the backbreaking work of keeping your floors clean.

  • Spinning broom with triple brush technology picks up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair and more
  • No batteries, cords or bags required
  • One touch bin empties in seconds
  • Cleans wet or dry messes in the kitchen, living room or hallway
  • Great for baseboards, wood, laminate, tile and other hard flooring