Foot Care Heel Relieve Chapped Cracked Skin Foot Cream Massage In Dry Weather

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Start loving your feet again. Your rough, dry, callused, and cracked feet are a thing of the past when you use intensive heel therapy. This soothing balm repairs damaged and dry skin. It’s like coating your skin with a protective barrier. It is so easy to use. Just roll the applicator tube over your skin. That’s it! Foot creams and lotions sit on top of the skin. It’s soft, creamy texture penetrates your skin’s surface and is absorbed below the skin’s surface. The light, pleasant fragrance has hints of lemongrass and ginger undertones. Use on other areas of your body that are susceptible to dry skin, like elbows, knees, and more!

How does it work? It is chock-full of beneficial oils that nourish skin. The unique combination of Indian Neem and Karanja oils were prized for their restorative properties. This product is also enriched with Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate). Dimethicone is the main ingredient in this product , and is silicone oil. The dimethicone creates a protective moisturizing barrier around your dry, damaged skin to protect it from the elements, while the essential oils go to work repairing skin. Each tube of HeelTastic is 2 oz. (57g).

Includes: 1x pack

The miracle solution to dry, cracked feet.