Gathered Silicone Invisible Strapless Lite Bra Self Adhesive Push Up

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Made of a specially developed silicone that is transparent under clothing.
Instantly relieves pain from rubbing and indentation marks.
Keeps bra straps securely in place and stops them from slipping.
Pads warm to your body's natural temperature.
Light weight pads with soft, supple texture
Completely undetectable and so comfortable you will completely forget you have them on.
No itchy or sticky adhesives which can irritate the skin.
Wear them with any bra regardless of size or style.
Soft, comfortable & great for all occasions and everyday wear

Material: Silicone/Cotton 
2 colors to choose : Black, Skin 

A cup: (normal bra size A65; 70; 75; 80; B65; for A cup)
B cup: (normal bra size B70; 75; 80; C65; for B cup)
C cup: (normal bra size C70; 75; 80; D65; for C cup
D cup: (normal bra size D70; 75; 80; 85; F65; for D cup)

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