Handheld Metal Detector Find Depth Coins And Jewelry

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It is a digital metal detector with excellent performance.
This detector even includes object identification numbers and three tone audio ID.
It is suitable for children with a length of 63", the stem is in fact adjustable in length with 2.2 lb, this is also a very ergonomic detector for people who lcan not lift a heavy metal detector due to back and / or shoulder pain.


Digital Widescreen
Find Depth coins and jewelry to 25cm
Large objects up to 9.8"
From the age of 11 years old
9.8" waterproof search coil
rotary on-off also volume
sens push button depth adjustment is
Disc button to turn off unwanted items
3 show id - layer iron - mid tone gold - coins and other - high-tone silver 
notch Disable display unwanted metal 

In height adjustable handle 
Weight 2.2lb