Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset Wireless Earbuds Earphone Headsets Support Listening to Songs and Answering Calls

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- Support listening to songs and answering calls.
- Smart Chinese and English voice prompts (can be switched).
- When you look at the power of your Phone, you can always monitor the performance of your headphones.
- Support the connection of 2 mobile phones at the same time;
- Answer the voice answer and say "Yes" to answer / "No" to reject it;
- When the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone, it will automatically reconnect to the phone when the phone is turned on.

- Smart Compatibility: Supports all mobile phones with Bluetooth, tablets, and laptops.


Transmission distance: 10 meters
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Function: play music and call
Function: Sound control answer, caller number, call waiting, replay, volume adjustment, one for two, music pause playback, noise reduction, 180-degree rotation left and right ears.

Package Included:
1 X Bluetooth headset
1 X Charging cable
2 Silicone caps