Hands Free Smartphone Holder Adjustable Phone Grip for Universal Phone Size

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Flexiview is the smartphone holder made for when you want to relax and do more with your hands. This convenient mount is built with a durable gooseneck metal frame that bends to a custom-fit for your body and rests against the collarbone or chest depending on preference. Its adjustable grip holds a wide range of phone brands and sizes and can even tilt or rotate up to 360° as you please. Enjoy the most comfortable angle with the best visibility while you stream, chat, and surf from a relaxed hands-free position.

Perfect for Lounging While Streaming Media or Video Chatting
Sturdy Metal Frame Bends to User’s Body
Foam-Padded Neckband for Ergonomic Comfort
Adjustable Phone Grip for Universal Phone Size Compatibility
Phone Grip Tilts and Rotates to 360°