Health Touch Handheld Massager

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Relax and relieve your sore, tense, tired muscles from anywhere with this Health Touch Handheld Massager. It's lightweight for comfortable handling and with a push-button design, it's easy to use. This device has three changeable attachments to offer a full-body, single-point or multiple-point massage. With a compact design, it's ideal for using at home, in the office or while traveling. The Health Touch massager is splash-proof for convenience. 

Handheld Massager:

Full-body massage
Single-point massaging
Multiple-points massaging
Wavy-points massaging
Lightweight for easy hand-held massage
3 changeable attachments for different massage options
Splash-proof design
Helps relax tight muscles
Relieves sore, achy muscles
Easy to use
Handheld full-body massager is ideal for home, the office or while traveling

Color: Black and White ( Random )