Heated Auto Electric Windshield Ice Scraper Flashlight Snow Melter Removal Car

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Put an end to the struggle between your windshield and ice once and for all with this Heated Auto Ice Scraper with Flashlight. This ingenious tool heats and clears away stubborn ice quickly and easily. In fact, clearing your car windows with this tool will make driving in the wintertime so much safer, because it helps clear those potentially dangerous "blind spots" that can impede your view. Simply plug the Heated Ice Scraper into your car's 12-Volt outlet and in just a couple of minutes it's ready to cut through stubborn ice. Plus, it has a built-in rubber squeegee to wipe away the excess water, leaving a clear, unobstructed view.

Caution: Heating element gets very hot and can cause burns and start a fire. Do not expose the heating element to skin, clothing, or any vehicles interior surface. Do not leave the ice scraper unattended and never scrap directly on glass. Do not use on plexiglass or plastic windows of convertibles. Keep out of reach of children.

Cooling Instructions: Unplug scraper and allow to cool for 3 to 5 minutes before storing.


Built-in flashlight and flexible mini squeegee

15 foot 12V DC cord plugs into standard car lighter jack

Heating element helps melt away ice from windshield and windows

On/off Switch and indicator light on handle

Ergonomic textured grip for easy handling

Package Included:

One (1) Heated Auto Ice Scraper with Flashlight