Ideal For Travel Dog LED Light Up Collar

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STAY VISIBLE, STAY SAFE: This bright collar is its own light source, so it doesn't depend on an external light to reflect. It's a beacon in dim light conditions, helping you and others see your pet and avoid accidents EASY ON AND OFF: No fumbling with buckles here, which you'll be grateful for in the winter!

The quick snap closure makes it truly easy to get this collar on or off your pet, no matter how lively and wiggly it gets A BEACON TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PET: It'll be easy to distinguish your dog, even if others have light-up collars. Use one of three light modes: solid, slow blink or fast blink. Especially in dusk conditions, the blink modes are particularly effective at catching your eye FOR THE PETITE DOG: While sturdy and slightly stretchy, the solid luminous band isn't adjustable. The collar measures 12 inches in length, so it's best for small dogs. ENJOY EXTRA PEACE OF MIND: It'll be so much more relaxing walking your dog knowing it's visible to drivers and other pedestrians. And you'll never worry about wasting time searching for Fido if it's romping off the leash