Ideal Unique Posture Correction Belt Designed To Pull Back Shoulders

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Please check the size measurement to make sure this item is suitable for you before purchase. Size: L------Waist strap length: App3238 (strap is adjustable) Please note that this item is a therapy brace and supposed to be tight to pull back both shoulders to correct the posture, so you may feel at the beginning that the elastic bands are tight and pulling back your shoulders , this is normal and does not mean that its not your size, you should look only for the measurement data to know whether this item is your right size or not. Specifications: Material: 60% Polyester, 17% Rubber, 15% Nylon, 8% Cotton Net Weight: 148g Color: White Features: The posture correction belt is easy to wear and gives no discomfort. Supporting design helps correct poor posture Designed to pull back shoulders, straighten head, and align spine Gently holds shoulders in proper position for spinal alignment Body Shield material ensures maximum breathability Includes 12 magnets to target the spine and lumbar region Lightweight and can be worn under clothing Can be used during exercise Easy to apply Latex and adhesive free Washing Instructions: Hand washable Unisex: suitable for women and men Package Included: 1 x Posture Correction Belt