Instant Eye Shadow Matte Shades Will Give A Perfect Balance Of Color

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Instant Eye Shadow eliminates the need to personally attempt to match colors for any given event. Due to computer-generated color blending, Instant Eye Shadow will give a perfect balance of color on both eyes every time, leaving no room for error.

Instant Eye Shadow completely removes the contamination factor. Instant Eye Shadow is manufactured, packaged and sealed by machines. Instant Eye Shadow will soon replace messy and tiresome brushes, sponges and eye shadow pots.

A large range of colors and styles keeps everyone up-to-date with ever-changing fashion.

Instant Eye Shadow can be applied anywhere, at any time without the use of mirrors or brushes. The actual Instant Eye Shadow foam strips can be used for any minor tidying up or blending, if required, again guaranteeing a perfect result every time.

Instant Eye Shadow can be applied by EVERYONE. Even non-cosmetic users can achieve the same results as good as a qualified cosmetician every time.

Instant Eye Shadow stops the application of stress to the eyelids. There is no continuous stretching of the skin as caused by brush and sponge.

It is neat and compact, ideal for carrying in purses and handbags for a quick change of color.

Instant Eye Shadow colors and combinations are endless.

Instant Eye Shadow not only gives you instant and perfect results but also lasts longer on the eyes than conventionally applied eye shadow.

Instant Eye Shadow reaches and provides for the 60 percent of women worldwide who have previously withdrawn from using eye shadow.

Instant Eye Shadow is the quickest and easiest eye shadow to use in the world! The entire Instant Eye Shadow application process takes LESS than 10 seconds.

Package Includes: 1 x 0.63 oz Instant Eye Shadow