Invisible and Comfortable Instant Eye Lift Strips

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We all love it when we look more awake and ready to take on the day. These small clear strips are designed to be placed right in the creases of your eyelids. Get this: they help temporarily lift the look of your eyes to give you the appearance of a more defined eyelid. Go ahead - brighten up someone's day!


    Help temporarily open up the eye area
    Easy-to-apply and suitable for all ages
    Open up the look of your eyes and help smooth the appearance of wrinkles
    Transform tired looking eyes into brighter looking eyes
    Invisible and comfortable to wear with or without makeup
    The clear strips are compatible with any skin tone
    Approximately a three-month supply
    "Invisible, instant" eye lifts
    Help lift and define your eyelids for a younger looking appearance
    Last all day or all night, so they're great for any occasion!
    Folding mirror features two mirrors; each has a different magnification
    No surgery required
    Peel and place on your eyelids for results
    Easier than applying eyeshadow
    Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested

Although this seems to be a rather bizarre product – which is essentially stickers you place on your eyelids – eye lift stickers have actually been around for years. You simple stick to your eyelids, and instantly receive a little ‘lift’ to make you look more awake.

The raising of the eyelids may not be dramatic, but in many cases it is sufficient to please customers who wear them.

There have been some wearers of these types of eye lift stickers that claimed that the product was visible, but this seems to be a minority, and perhaps affected by the individual’s anatomy.

If you find the strips to be visible, you may want to try snipping away some of the width and trying again. There is a bit of technique and practice involved in order to perfect the look, but once you do, you may be surprised at how well they work.
Package Included: 1* Eye Lift Strips