Leg Ankle Joint Support Brace Wrap Leg Sleeve Pain Relief Muscle Protection

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These Ankle Joint Support straps around your ankle for ankle muscle protection during any activities. These ankle joint support belts are elastic and can fit most ankle size. These ankle joint supports are unisex. These ankle joint supports are easy and quick to wear, they are suitable for any sporting activities and daily uses.

These ankle joint supports are an economical way to REDUCE chances of inquiries to your muscle, tendons or joints. These ankle joint supports are made of high quality of Terylene and Latex; provides compressive support for muscle, ligaments and joints. If you already have an ankle sprain, this ankle joint support can also help speed up the healing process. These elastic ankle joint support provides effective support for damaged muscles, ligaments, and twisted or weak joints.

Provides support to your ankle
Ankle Support Brace with elastic double wrap around the ankle for strenghten
Strain Protection
Also provides warmth, comfort and flexibility in daily wear
With closure design, terylene material, easy to adjust
Can be used in gym, sporting events, or daily use
Each ankle support measures about 8 1/4" Long x 3 1/4" Wide. Attached Velcro strap belt measures about 20" Long x 3" Wide
One size fits most, unisex
Material: Terylene 60% and Latex 40%
Color: Brown and black
1 PC Ankle Joint Support in each display package
Each package designed for easy display