Microwave Egg Cooker Makes The Best Scrabled Eggs Ever

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With the Microwave Egg Cooker , you just Crack, Shake and Microwave for the most delicious eggs. This innovative product is great for at home, in the office or for travel. Its all in one design allows you to make the eggs you love anywhere you like without any mess! Whip up fluffy scrambled eggs, or mix it up with other ingredients for an easy quick snack. You can also, poach or boil eggs. It even comes with an egg white separator to allow you to make yourself healthy egg white scramble. Cut your snack preparation time in half with the BPA free, dishwasher safe



  • Fast, delicious, fluffy eggs without the mess
  • All in one design lets you cook and serve
  • Microwave safe and BPA free
  • Cooks up to 4 eggs at a time
  • Options to scramble, poach or boil your eggs