Mini Electric Women Body Hair Remover Removal Shaver-in Razor

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  • Package Included: 1x Hair Removal Shaver
  • (Read and understand the contents of this manual before you start to use this product. all safety messages provided.Improperly using this product could result in injury.Use the following symbols to illustrate the contents expected to be)  

  • Check the blade before using the appliance.Make sue the blade is not damaged or out of shape. Any skin problem after using the appliance, stop using it and see a doctor.
  • To avoid skin injury, don't place the blade against your skin too hard.
  • Do not use the appliance on sensitive,imitated or inflamed skin.
How To Use:
  • For the first time user, Please try the appliance on the skin gently.
  • 1.take out the cap,make sure the blade is not damaged or out of shape.
  • 2.Push the switch to"on"position (Please change the battery if the sound is getting weak.)
  • 3. Place the appliance against your skin, move it gently and slowly by circle.
  • Don not place the appliance against your skin too hard.
  • To have a better results,tight your skin when you use the appliance.
  • 4. If you finish using the appliance, put on the cap, then push the switch to off position.
  • Take out the battery if you are not using the appliance.
  • Cleaning Appliance Process:
  • Appliance must turned off when cleaning
  • 1.The appliance must be switched off during cleaning.
  • 2.Twist blade off before cleaning.
  • (Don't put in water to clean.Remove batteries before cleaning.)
  • 3.After wiping water off,please let appliance air dry in a non water environment.
  • To prevent blade from rusting, apply bit of oil onto blade. Then turn appliance on and let It spin for 2-3 seconds.
  • Suggestion: After each use, apply a coat of soap.