New Pillow Great For Deep And Comfort Sleep

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Air Cooling Pillow. The coolest pillow you'll ever buy. Cooling technology provides a continuously cool sleeping surface Plush and cozy like a traditional pillow, but without warm spots 100% cotton cover with mesh gusset 300 thread count Polyester fill Spot clean only A cooler way to sleep! Everyone knows that a cool pillow is the best...and everyone also knows that spending half the night flipping the pillow over in search of the elusive "cool spot" is the worst. But with the Cooling Pillow, you'll be able to spend less time pillow flipping and more time sleeping! Made with three different types of waxes and gels, the cooling  technology inside of this pillow allows for better air circulation and works with your body heat and the ambient room temperature to cycle between liquid and solid phases--creating a constant cooling effect at any temperature. 


  • Dimensions: 28" x 20"
  • Thread count: 300
  • Color: white
  • Sleep style: all sleep positions
  • Cotton sateen; polyester fiberfill
  • Machine washable