Night Skin Anti Aging Face Cream Beauty Skin Care

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Night Skin Benefits 

•Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles •Fights the look of crow’s feet •Moisturizes and smooth skin

•Brightens the look of skin

•Exfoliates and evens skin texture

•Provides antioxidants for free radical defense

•Promotes a youthful, radiant glow Radiant & Younger-Looking Skin Overnight Night Skin's lightweight yet luxurious formula is made to transform the look of your skin for beautiful results overnight! Over time, rough and sagging skin becomes smoother-looking and more youthful with Night Skin. Dull, dry skin gets a hydrated look and feel. And those fine lines and wrinkles that have crept up on your skin get a visible and measurable reduction in appearance over time What Makes Night Skin So Incredible? Night Skin combines advanced clinical-strength anti-aging ingredients all in one product for an astounding difference. 3000 aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles while natural fruit extracts help to exfoliate the skin for brighter, youthful-looking results.