Oxygen O2 Generator Machine Air Purifier Supply Household and Hospital Use 24 Hours Continuously

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1.Concentrations up to 90%, the flow can be adjusted from 1L to 5L.
2.excellent filtering performance.
3.Intelligent control is convenient to use.
4.Mute design more comfortable,less than 45 db.
5.Add Shockproof mat more secure.
6.Bacteria filter oxygen more safe.
7.Remote control operation more convenient.
8.Oxygen stable.
9.Small volume, convenient to carry.
10.Timing function.

Oxygen concentration :40%-90%
Oxygen flow: 1-5L/min(adjustable)
Noise :less than 45 db
Use of the environment :0-40℃
Rated voltage : AC110V/50Hz
Sate identification: colorless, no smell, can help to burn
Negative ion : 10 million units
Remote control distance: ≤6M

Timing function setting: 15 minutes cycle within 2 hours

Package Includes:
1*main body
1*earphone type oxygen inhalation device
1*nasal suction oxygen
1*oxygen tube
1*remote control
1*power card
1*quick use guide