Personal Relaxation System Neck Massage With Heat & 5 Relaxing Sounds

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Soothes, relaxes with sound, massage, and heat
Great for office, plane rides, car trips
Soft foam collar (13 by 11-1/2 inches) cushions neck, adjusts with strap
Provides eight different sounds from nature; magnets embedded in collar
Portable with batteries; also plugs into outlet with AC adapter
Sound Therapy
The soothing sounds allow you to escape to a natural environment and calm your mind. With 5 preprogrammed nature sounds, you can relax and be refreshed anytime during your stressful day.
Massage Therapy
Gentle massage relaxes shoulder and neck muscles. Great for the office, long plane rides and car trips.
Heat Therapy
Eases sore, tired muscle. Relieves tension.
Magnetic Therapy 
Four powerful magnets, strategically placed on the neck and shoulder area.