Pet Glove Hair Removal Grooming Glove For You Lovely

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  • Versatile. Other grooming and cleaning tools are only good for a single job. This remarkable product is outstanding for several.
  • Durable. High quality materials result in a tool that will last a long time, even with regular use.
  • Powerful. Incredible cleaning ability combined with fur magnet bristles creates a tool that saves time and effort.
  • Wet Or Dry. Use with or without water, and add any kind of soap you prefer. In or outside the tub, this mitt will clean like a champ, and pamper your pet.

How To Use It

Use the side with the rubber bristles to comb, detangle or massage your pet.
  1. Apply to hand with black side facing down.
  2. To brush, use a simple petting action to remove loose fur.
  3. Short strokes will dig deep to pull up shedding hair, and longer strokes will smooth and improve the appearance of the coat.
  4. Increase pressure to massage gently. Relive strained muscles or increase blood flow by stimulating the tissues.
  5. Free matted hair easily with the flexible bristles and large surface area.
Both sides help to improve results in the bath tub. Use the rubber side to scrub away stubborn dirt, or use the microfiber side to build a gentle lather.
  1. Apply with the black side down to deep clean, or use with the microfiber side down for regular bathing.
  2. Get you dog wet and then apply shampoo directly to fur or the mitten.
  3. Massage with the rubber to free stuck grime, or ensure thorough scrubbing right down to the skin.
  4. For a more gentle approach, use the microfiber side and clean with the bubbles created.
Almost every dog sheds, and most love to drag in dirt from outside. Use both sides of this tool to help reduce messes, and clean up after your dog.
  1. To clean shedding fur off couches, chairs and car seats, use the rubber bristles.
  2. To quickly wipe paws and other areas to reduce tracked in dirt, use the microfiber side.
  3. For fur removal, use short strokes, and apply direct pressure. Sweep toward yourself and begin to pile and remove the fur.
  4. The rubber will build a slight charge that collects hair and pulls it out of fabrics.
  5. Continue cleaning with a repetitive sweeping action to clear any surface.
  6. Wearing the mitt with the microfiber side down can help to clean dirty paws in a matter of seconds.
  7. Simply grab and wipe, and the advanced material will do the rest. Dirt and moisture will be absorbed and locked in quickly.
  8. Microfiber side also works well for quickly drying, or absorbing small spills.
Dimensions 6.5" x 10.5" (approx.)
Size: One Size Fits Most
Orientation Right or left-handed. Thumb fits when on right hand with bristles facing down
Top Material: Plush microfiber
Bristle Material Natural Rubber