Portable Car Auto Audio Cassette Adapter Tape For CD Cellphone

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Portable Car Audio Cassette Adapter Tape For CD Cellphone

The 3.5mm to cassette adapter can be used with entertainment systems that have audio cassette tape decks, connect the 3.5mm stereo jack to the output source such as a mp3 player.

Silent mechanism reduces mechanical noise on the road. Spring-loaded cassette head helps maintain contact with cassette player's head for clear sound.

Now whether you are going down the block or cross-country, you will have plenty of music for the whole trip with this adapter. Connect your CD Player/MiniDisk Player/Pod to your car stereo through your car's in-dash cassette player.

Cassette-shaped Interface inserts into your car's tape deck. Mini-plug inserts into your Pod/CD Player/MiniDisk Player headphone jack.
Ideal for connecting MP3 Players and Phones to Car Stereos.
Simply plug the 3.5mm jack plug into a portable music player, Pod, CD player, pop the cassette into the car radio cassette and play music through your car stereo
Compatible with car cassette decks that have side tape opening
Self-adjusting spring head and silent mechanism
Mini-jack plug inserts into MP3 player/Pod or CD player's headphone jack
Car cassette decks that have side tape opening and any MP3 player / Pod / Mobile Phone that has the normal 3.5mm audio headphone jack.

Compact and portable