Portable Hand Held Pump Air Compressor Electric Inflator For Car Bike

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Electric Inflator Portable Hand Held Pump Air Compressor
With three different nozzles the can inflate virtually anything. The threaded tip is ideal for keeping your car or bike tyres at the correct pressure, the wide pin fits virtually every pool toy or air bed, saving you time at the pool, when you’re camping or when you have guests over, and the narrow pin will help you keep rugby balls, footballs, and virtually any other ball from going flat.

The is rechargeable and has a cordless battery so you can keep it in the car for emergencies, take it on a cycling holiday, bring it along to training and make sure the balls are always inflated or charge it before you go camping to blow up air beds without the time and effort it takes to do it manually.

With the automatic shut off feature, you can set the PSI you need and the item will automatically shut off when it’s done.

This Item also features an LED light so you can always see what you’re doing whether you’re inflating a flat ball at a late match, topping up an air bed during the night at the campsite or sorting out that tyre when you spot it at night.

This goods comes with a 15cm air hose and three nozzle fittings; a threaded tip for tyres, a narrow pin for balls and a wide pin for other inflatables like air beds or pool toys.
Never over inflate your tyres again! The item’s automatic shut off feature lets you set a PSI and will automatically stop when it’s done.
Stop guessing what pressure your tyres are at with traditional pressure gauges. The item’s digital display is accurate and precise.
The item is so compact and lightweight you can take it anywhere. It’s perfect for inflating toys by the pool, balls at training or at the match, air beds when you’re camping or bike tyres on the go.
Not only can you charge the item and take it anywhere, with the car adaptor you can inflate your tyres whenever you notice them running flat even if your item battery has run out of charge.