Portable Indoor HDTV Antenna Easy To Install

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You can cut the cord of cable with this Indoor HDTV Antenna. This accessory helps you keep things simple with basic off air reception of local digital channels through adjustable and retractable VHF dipoles. The antenna helps you to improve reception, and a no-scuff pad protects your cabinet or top of the TV. You can regain control of your TV without a monthly fee or subscription. The TV broadcasts you receive include 1080 HDTV and 4K programs. When storms knock out your cable or satellite, switch over to this passive TV antenna and continue watching. Have a dependable alternative to the high cost of cable. Hook your TV up to the  Indoor HDTV Antenna.
Indoor HDTV Antenna:

  • Simple connection with built-in coax cable
  • Enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming and your favorite shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription
  • Integrated loop for digital and analog channels 14-69
  • Dipoles extend and adjust for digital and analog channels 2-13
  • Ideal complement to streaming players
  • Dependable backup television source when storms knock out cable or satellite television
  • Meets or exceeds CEA performance specifications for indoor antennas
  • DISCLAIMER: Reception quality and the channels received are dependent on several factors, including distance from the broadcast towers, broadcast power, line of sight, terrain and other environmental factors
  • To locate the broadcasting towers in your area, visit rcaantennas.net for a detailed map then choose the antenna that offers the best features and signal reception for your home