Portable Pedicure Device Hard Skin Remover Foot Pedicure File

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The revolutionary Hard Skin Remover safely removes the roughest of skin in seconds, leaving you with beautiful soft, smooth feet. The anti-bacterial rollers reduce 99.9% of bacteria*. The perfect way to get salon style results instantly.

The Hard Skin Remover gently and effectively buffs away dry, hard and rough skin from the soles and heels in seconds and the flex+ rollers deliver the quickest and smoothest results.

The rollers spin 360 degrees, at 30 times per second, to gently remove hard and rough skin and the flex+ rollers are ideal for the difficult to reach areas as they flex with the foot.

*Antimicrobial treatment reduces 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the surface of the roller
Two unique anti-bacterial flex+ rollers which reduce 99.9% of bacteria*

Results after first use - safe and easy gentle exfoliation, Beautiful feet in seconds, Multi award winning, Love your feet