Portable Reusable Snap On Bottle Top fot Outdoor

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Portable Reusable Snap On Bottle Top fot Outdoor

Bottle top are the sensational new way to drink your favorite beverage! We enjoy soda, iced tea, juices and other drinks that often come in cans. They go flat or spill and some people just don’t like drinking from cans. Now simply snap on any one of these colorful Bottle top and instantly turn that can into a bottle! Keep the fizz longer, help avoid spills and keep insects out! An assortment of colors helps prevent drink mix-ups! Just wash and use over and over again. You and your family will love the new Bottle top. Take a set home today!

Great for kids, or camping outdoors! 

Package Quantity: 12
Durable plastic construction, helps avoid spills
Fits most beverage cans, washable and reusable, fast and easy to use, holds carbonation longer
12 bottle tops in six different colors yellow orange blue purple green pink
Dimensions: 2.25 by 2.25 by 2.125 inch
Snap top and closure