Powerful Bonding Putty More Than Super Glue

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Powerful Bonding Putty More Than Super Glue


• More Than Super Glue...it seals, fills, bonds, reattaches, repairs and more!

• Bonding Putty adhesive putty will replace tape, tacks, staples, magnets and more in your home.

• Moldable putty sticks to most hard surfaces such as Wood, Ceramics, Metal, Glass, PVC, Tile, Concrete, and Aluminium.

• To use, simply cut off desired portion, knead putty until thoroughly blended, and repair!

• Turns rock hard in just 20 minutes and can then be sanded, filed, drilled, hammered and even painted.

• Fix kitchen and bathroom fittings, leaky pipes, repair metal and wood furniture, fill and seal holes and more.

• 2 pack includes 120g of putty (60g each).