Puppy Cat Grooming Brush You Can Easily Give The Dog a Clean Hair

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Length: 140 mm
Width: 90 mm
Color: Blue or Pink
Behind buckle can be adjusted according to the size of the hand, convenient and practical. Soft, flexible rubber, give the dog a bath when, in the hands back and forth with the dog's body massage, you can easily give the dog a clean hair, but also promote new dog fur metabolism.
1, pet bath with a bath brush / brush soft gum, considerate adjustable strap, suitable for any type of master hand use. 
2, the entire gum, the pet does not hurt the skin, in the bath while giving your baby with full massage, make them more comfortable, fell in love with a bath.
3, large area, make the owner of the pet a bath is no longer effort, more time-saving, and can pet hair that fell all concentrated, easy to clean.

1 x  brush