Sauna Fitness Exercise Training Slimming Belt Waist Shaper Vest

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Sauna Fitness Exercise Training Slimming Belt Waist Shaper Vest

Slimming Body Wrap Weight Fat Loss Belt

Support your lower back and reduce pressure, helping to alleviate muscle strains or lumbar sprains.


100% brand new and high quality

Material: Neoprene

3 Sizes for choosing: M, L, XL

Color: Black/Yellow

Customer reviews:

1. 'I wore this for the first time yesterday while I was at work. I do a lot of moving around at work and it never moved and was very comfortable, I also didn't get hot while wearing it. It was soaked with sweat on the inside but the outside was dry and so were my clothes. I wore it for 11 hours! When I got home from work and took it off. My husband took one look at me and said "wow! Your tummy looks a lot smaller!" I also noticed a difference in how my clothes fit this morning, I was able to tighten my belt one more notch!!! I absolutely love this thing already! I will most likely be buying another one a size smaller if I continue to lose more of my tummy.'
2. 'I have bought 3 of these and 1 for my mom. I love that it's a slip on rather then a buckle or the Velcro ones because they tend to have lots of grooves under your clothes and if the Velcro touches your skin ouch, it just rubs you raw and I've had some bad experience with the wrap around Velcro ones. They are easy to wash and just feel really comfortable under your workout clothes. I also feel like they have a good length which covers all of your stomachs and can go up high near your bra line. I have had them move up a bit here and there while running but nothing to the point where I can say I'm not completely satisfied with this product. It's GREAT I strongly suggest it.'
3. 'It helps reduce water weight around the midsection and hold your tummy up against the abdominal wall; so it does what it's supposed to. Leaves a great sweat. Doesn't do miracles so don't get hung up.'