Solar Powered Black Imitation Fake Security Surveillance Camera

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The dummy camera is easily mounted to walls or ceilings. It is constructed with anti-corrosive ABS plastic and metal to be used indoors or outdoors. Fight back against crime by creating the appearance of a visible security presence on your property. For added protection, the dummy camera can be used in addition to a real security system. Vandals will assume all cameras are real and recording.

  Burglars, thieves, intruders & vandals won't know it's not a real camera
  You are less likely to be broken into with a visible security presence around your property
  Easily mount to walls, ceilings or wherever is most needed with screws in the pack
  Quality anti-corrosive ABS plastic & metal materials for use indoors & outdoors
  Combine with other security cameras for added protection
  Fight back against crime by deterring intruders & defending your home or business

Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.06 x 8.27 in (approx.)

Package Included: 1 Fake Camera