Superior Flashlight Swivel Lantern With Magnetic Base

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It works in two modes: lantern mode for brighter light, and flashlight for more focused light. It has a magnetic base and a hang loop so you can use it hands-free, and it’s powered by three High Energy AA batteries (included)

80 Lumens 36 LED Lantern + Flashlight

Multi-use light attaches several different ways, perfect for hands-free lighting.

Lantern Mode
Lumens: 80, Run Time: 16 h, Beam Distance: 41 m
Flashlight Mode
Lumens: 28, Run Time 20 h, Beam Distance: 22 m

Hands Free Swivel Lantern With Magnetic Base, 36 LED, 80 Lumens:
80 lumens
25-hour run time
180-degree swivel
2 in 1: 36 LED lantern and LED flashlight
Magnetic base
Hang hook
Use 3 AA batteries (Included)
To Replace Batteries:Remove battery cover from back of light. Load batteries into compartment. Replace cover.