Tear Resistant 4 Credit Debit Card Sleeves Fits In Any Wallet

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Tear Resistant 4 Credit/ Debit Card Sleeves Fits In Any Wallet

Some features:
Blocks RFID skimmers with high-tech, frequency-blocking polymers woven into the stylish sleeves
High-tech, frequency-blocking polymers woven into stylish sleeves cover your cards
Credit card holders fit neatly into your wallet or purse
Come in a variety of colors and patterns to easily identify different cards in your wallet
 RFID protection sleeves keep credit and debit cards safe from digital theft

Product Description

Now your credit and debit cards are 100% protected from wireless credit card theft! RFID protection sleeves prevent the RFID scanner technology that hijackers use to "skim" and steal your card information. These credit card holder sleeves, in stylish colors and patterns, block "skimming" and look great in your wallet! Shop and spend confidently knowing that you’ll never be a victim of credit card or identity theft again.
Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 0.8 x 7.7 inches (approx.)
Package Included: 1 * 4 Color Pack