Thick Non-slip Mat Pad for Leisure Picnic Exercise Fitness Yoga

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Great for Exercise & Extremely light weight, 6mm thick. Very light weight to carry with. Lightweight mat is comfortable and durable, great for many leisure activities. Great for camping, hiking, Fishing, yoga mat, Beach Mat and mountaineering as it keeps cold and dampness away from the body. Can also be used for many floor exercises, for sitting in the garden, picnics, etc. Waterproof and dustproof, cleaning up the simple convenience Soft, excellent flexibility, can reduce the pain of the body in contact with the ground, slip effects and excellent toughness and high tensile strength 

Material: EVA 
Foam Size: 173*60*6mm (L*W*T) 
Waterproof: Yes 
Color: Red, Green, Purple, Blue 
Net Weight: Approx.1225g